Web Services

Web Design A Proper Foundation

Our team values the essentials of online success: user friendliness, SEO and mobile interoperability. A proper foundation is absolutely critical for selling online successfully. We take advantage of numerous online resources such as Wordpress, Shopify, Theme Forest and more to create less expensive, but awesome, web solutions.

E-commerce Less Hassle

IDM Print boasts an expansive knowledge concerning e-commerce and online marketing. Our skill set starts with years of serving small businesses looking to thrive online and expands to operating and marketing our own online businesses, Printkeg and Comic Pop. After learning more about your business, we can help recommend proper e-commerce solutions that are affordable, flexible, intuitive and scalable.

Responsive Designs Mobile Is Now

One of our main focuses of web design harnesses responsiveness. This method of web design ensures one website design appears properly on various screen sizes incorporated by desktops, smartphons and tablets. Responsive design is absolutely critical for thriving online for years to come.

Consulting Advice is Here

We've seen many companies make the mistake of jumping into projects without third party advice or second opinions. If you are already working with a development team, consider taking advantage of our consulting service for unbiased advice and thoughts. We can also help locate professionals fit for specific projects if outside our specialties (like video, app creation etc.).

SEO A New Landscape

The SEO (search engine optimization) landscape continually changes and just isn't what it once was. Simple tactics of gaining search engine leverage, especially with Google, are dead. We help you build a sophisticated model to improve rankings by showing search engines your website is high quality and deserving of better positions.

Social Networking Engagement is Key

Our staff will present, train and assist with the many social networking channels available. It is important to stay up to date with new platforms while maintaining classic avenues such as Facebook and Twitter. We can help set up engaging social network ad campaigns, monitor conversions and observe daily activity.

Search Engine Advertising Reliable Online Advertising

We have decades of experience working with online advertising on major platforms such as Google Adwords and Bing Search Advertising. Our staff has served small companies trying to grow online, and we've built our own flourishing brands initiated through smart advertising techniques.

Website Maintenance Always Here For You

After new web projects are "finished" maintenance may be required. We love using platforms like Shopify and Wordpress, both easy-to-use platforms that require little training and allow customers to make changes and additions with little to no assistance. But we are still here to help with creating professional graphics, search for plugins and apps, and edit theme functionality.

Quality Printing Classic and Personal

Our sister company, Printkeg, offers a variety of print products including cards, posters, banners, shirts, flyers and so much more. Owning our own print facility gives us a unique advantage in preparing consistent marketing materials for physical and digital campaigns. Our print company utilizes advanced digital presses and inkjet wide format machines to create richly colored print materials.